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Thanks letter from 704 in 2020

The release date:2020-02-28    browse 203 times

The epidemic situation of the new virus in 2020 has caused various enterprises to suffer from different aspects, including Seaflower Group; but in the face of the epidemic, Seaflower people do not flinch. Seaflower Group takes CEO Zheng Jianguo as the center, and Seaflower people actively Respond to anti-epidemic measures and work together to overcome difficulties;

Actively responded to the Shanghai Municipal Government's announcement that under the full preparations for epidemic protection, Seaflower Factory officially started construction on February 10, 2020. First, assess the impact of each project under the epidemic situation, and coordinate the arrangements for resumption and production; Take all possible mitigation measures regardless of cost to minimize the impact of the epidemic and ensure the commitment to customers; actively make adjustments to ensure the normal operation of production.

In this regard, many customers sent verbal and written thanks to ensure the normal delivery of the project under the epidemic situation. Among them, "CSIC 704 Research Institute" sent a written "thank you letter" to highly praise the work of Seaflower group;