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Say Good bye to yesterday, and welcome 2020

The release date:2020-01-15    browse 482 times

Say Good bye to yesterday, and welcome 2020.

10th Jan 2020 Seaflower Group Hold 20th Anniversity Ceremony, at   HaiLong Seafood restaurant on the Bund Huangpu River in the Pudong New Area. Domestic and foreign customers, partners and the members of the Hongyang Group gathered together in a warm atmosphere. Celebrate 20 years of glory and excellence.


On behalf of Valmet, Timo O. Salonen congratulated Hongyang Group CEO Mr. Zheng Jianguo on the 20th anniversary celebration.


Thanks to customers for their hardships, partners for their caring remarks, and Hongyang people always stay together.

20 years of companionship, thank you for having you;

Over the past 20 years, it has been prosperous, with no change to its original intention;

For the next 20 years, we will work hard to support and move on;


Let's work together to open a new chapter on the next page of Seaflower Group!