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Thanks Letter from 704

The release date:2020-02-28    browse 663 times

Covid pademic influences many enterprises from variable aspects, which included Seaflower. However, Seaflower keep moving in the pademic. Seaflower actively takeprecautionary measures, and conquer the difficulty together. 

We fully prepare for the Covid pademic according to the Shanghai government publishment. We prepare virus prevention materials to start to work on 10th febuary 2020. First of all, we need to access influence of every project under the pademic. And we arrange and coordinate every thing of returning to work. In the mean time, we take measures to the reduce the pademic influence to the lowest possibility. To gurantee the promise to our clients and partners, we try our best to adjust our manufacturing schdule and make sure the normal operation of the factory. 

Under this circumstance, many clients and partners send their thanks in oral and written way. We keep to delivery our projects on time. 704 send their thanks letter to highly appreciate our excellent work.