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Seaflower Group participant Valmet HSE day

The release date:2022-02-16    browse 744 times

Health, Safety and Environment are three key values in the manufacturing process. Seaflower always keep these three core value in the manufacturing process. The long-term partnership between Valmet and Seaflower contributes the stable establishment of Valmet HSE day.


On December 2021, Velmet HSE team visit Seaflower to guide the Health Safety and Environment Day value to the whole Seaflower employees.

Safety has always been the principle for Seaflower. During the manufacturing process, we keep the safety as our root principle in our daily work. Not only in the workshop, but also in the office, we always keep the Safety principle in our mind.

To reply the call of Paris Agreement 2025 and reduce the Greenhouse Gas as much as possible, our team communicated deeply with Valmet to discuss the experience of reducing GHG emission and aim to a zero emission goal.


The HSE training lasts for a whole day. In the afternoon, Seaflower machining manager Mrs. Tai lead all the worker to make a vow to show the determination of safely manufacturing responsibility.

After the training, Seaflower Safety Equipment Department manager Mr. Xu make a safety advertisement video to conclude the HSE training result.