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Pass the ISO 3834-2 Welding Quality System Certification

The release date:2015-11-11    browse 1188 times

Our company passed the application of ISO 3834-2 Welding Quality System Certification. According to the ISO 3834-2 system standard second chapter, no matter in the manufacturing workshop or in in the equipment welding process, we must guarantee the quality and ensure the efficiency, safety and qualified operators. This is a breakthrough in the welding authentication.

Seaflower application team pay a lot effort to the application process. Especially, we have established an expert team. From office to workshop, any relevant department and staff did their best to contribute this work. We allocated sophisticated welding inspectors to approve the certification. Our expert team prepared documents based on ‘International Welding Quality Handbook’ and refer to ‘Welding enterprise international certification consulting reference’ to learn and guarantee for the ISO3834 certification review.

Additional, in the technical specification, subcontract, welding, heat treatment, inspection and testing, equipment, quality report, manufacturing site, quality system, our team did a great contribution to help company pass the review.