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Through the ISO3834-2 welding quality system certification

The release date:2015-11-11    browse 69 times

  Recently, our company apply for ISO3834-2 welding passed quality system certification.ISO3834-2 certification standard: according to the "melting metal material welding quality requirements of the second chapter: comprehensive quality requirements", both in the production of plant or equipment during the welding process, must ensure the quality, ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness, ensure the safety of the program and employ highly qualified operating personnel.This is company of a breakthrough in the field of welding certification.
In nearly 10 months of the declaration, in the process of certification, the company attaches great importance to, and set up a working group in 3834, to the factory from the company of all relevant departments and relevant personnel involved are very active and actively cooperate with, according to the required configuration is sufficient, competent, engaged in welding production design, construction and supervision and inspection personnel, in order to pass the certification audit, 3834 working group materials, with the international welding quality manual "for the guidelines, positive reference to welding enterprise international certification focused consulting reference materials of the related content, earnestly study and digestion and absorption, these provides the guarantee for successful through ISO3834 certification audit.
In addition, the standard technology, subcontract, welding, heat treatment, inspection and test reports of, equipment, quality, production, quality system and so on each aspect, the working group also made outstanding contributions, help the company passed the review.