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Fight against virus on this warm April

The release date:2022-04-27    browse 545 times

Since the end of March 2022, Shanghai Government declares the zero-Covid policy in the whole society. SeaflowerGroup actively organize producing work and make sure the normal manufacturing pace for our client’s delivery. Seaflowerguarantees the manufacturing work going on in closed-circle management despite most companies in Shanghai were shut down.


Meanwhile, Seaflower Group request for Covid test to be done on our workshop, which protect our employee’s health and welfare as much as possible. As a member of the Seaflower family, every staff obey the Covid restriction rules and insist working in the frontline at workshop. Seaflower achieve the zero infection target and manage the manufacturing work at the same time.


Beside the manufacturing work, administrative colleagues purchase massive living resources for people living in company under the social resource shortage circumstance, which protect employees’ basic living conditions.

During the lockdown restriction, thanks to the care from Seaflower Group; thanks to the support from the government on-site test, thanks to everyone’s effort to our group family. This April, let’s fight against the virus together!