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The factory fully resume, safety and quality first.

The release date:2023-02-23    browse 306 times

Spring is comeing, people’re energetic. On February 2, the factory of Seaflower Group fully resumed work! Safety and quality take the lead! 

The period of resuming work and production after the holiday is the period of high incidence of safety production accidents. In order to effectively do a good job of resuming work and production safety after the holiday and prevent the occurrence of production safety accidents. Mr. Zheng Jianguo, president of Seaflower Group, proposed to strictly implement the "Five Demands" safety measures for the resumption of work and production after the holiday, that is, to convene a special meeting on the safety production of managers, develop a resumption of work and production plan, carry out a safety education for all staff, develop a set of emergency response plan, and carry out a plant-wide safety inspection.


This meeting carried out safety education and training for post-holiday safety risk hidden dangers, safety precautions, safety precautions, emergency response measures, etc. to improve employees' sense of safety responsibility and labor protection awareness, safety precautions and emergency response ability. Ms. Tai Xiaoqin, Vice President, stressed at the meeting that the workshop directors should strengthen their work in charge, do a good job in daily management, ensure that all measures are implemented in place, and strive for quality with safety and development with quality.

In 2023, we should start a good start and take a good step: focus on safety and production! Push the project with quality! Guarantee operation with equipment! Human Resource is the guarantee! Build a solid security line! To ensure the quality!