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Hong foreigners' core values: respect the individual, the fear of the client, team spirit and result oriented

1、Respect the individual

Respect for differences, open up and share;
In fact data, by the attitude towards things, not the person;
Our subjective initiative, let everybody can realized in hong the value of our life!

2、The fear of the customer

Customers are food and clothing parents;
Customers are made to be moved instead of being done;
Yihong foreigners' creating value for customers is each mission;
Customer value is hong ocean life;
Customer value is all our course of action, customer satisfaction is the criterion for testing the results!

3、Team spirit

Sacrifice spirit - no personal interest, there is no a powerful team
cooperation ---- Cooperate to work
competition -----PK Produce efficiency
gratitude ---- Don't pay based on request;Everything comes from love

4、Result oriented

To the customer demand as the guidance, on the basis of the quality management system, result oriented executive team for guarantee, the pursuit of zero defect quality goals。