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A staged victory in the resumption of work and production in May

The release date:2022-05-31    browse 607 times

In the end of May, Covid situation has been efficiently controlled in Fengxian District, Shanghai. Fengxian District, Seaflower Group locate in, has become the first batch of the districts to recover the normal manufacture work. Thus, in the last week of May, all the employees in Fengxian are able to go back to office, which make sure the process of safety manufacturing.

Safety has always been put in the first place in Seaflower. The concept of keeping safety always be in executed in the manufacturing work. During this lockdown period in Seaflower factory, led by Equipment and Safety Department our company organized fire safety drill and training within the company to make sure the manufacturing working has been taken place in safety rules. Safety manufacturing is not only the responsibility to the safety of staff, but also the promise to clients manufacturing safely.

Looking forward to Shanghai recovering and get back to the booming scene soon!